5 April, 2011

aaliriyah said: Ahoy!

While I appreciate that you're being awesome and doing a Tumblr 30 day challenge, I HAVE QUESTION. Kinda.


I'm confused as to why #s 3 and 9 were necessary? As someone whe has dealt with major depression for my whole life (not a hyperbole) I'm confused as to why it's necessary to single out those with mental illness (you may as well just stab someone with clinical depression in the face instead of saying 9, it'll do the same thing) as a dislike. Twice. Especially since 4 includes disliking "[...] people in general."

Obviously I don't mean to be a harpy, because I truly do respect you and your opinions, I'm just wondering why it was necessary to voice them in this way.

Thank you.

I have them all up there for separate reasons.

First, #3 was put up there because I am around enough people with low self-esteem already and being around people who are confident in themselves is always inspirational and leads to having more fun in general.

#4 States what it does because fake people annoy me, as they tend to do whatever they can in their power to make everyone like them. “True” people annoy me because the definition of a “true” person seems to have become one who fits a certain archetype of looks and actions—especially in the “metal scene”. It’s all a bunch of herd-conformist crap to me. I think a “true” person should just be one who is what they truly are and does things to define themselves as opposed to fitting in to either a crowd or a depiction. As for disliking people in general, that was just a summation of what I just stated due to how most people in society seem to function in either of those two ways.

#9 was written based around my experiences with hanging out with people. People who always let the small things get to them don’t tend to be very fun people to be around—that is, unless they’re hysterical when provoked. The next part about people not appreciating life for itself was more or less written with depressed people in mind. It’s not that I hate people who are depressed, especially seeing as how I’ve definitely had my bouts with it myself. I just hate it when people can’t enjoy life as-is, be it due to depression or being unable to enjoy themselves without chemical influences. No depression I’ve ever encountered wasn’t easily curable by spending some amount of time out in nature or hanging out with positive friends. Of course, this isn’t the same for other people because everyone has something that makes them happy. My point is that depressed, even suicidal people who can’t see the value of life… don’t deserve it. And I’ll not waste my time around them.